Build you own PC - Introduction

This site is for you if:

  • You want to save money and make something useful
  • You have ever wanted to build your own PC from scratch
  • You would like to be able to re-install Windows on a new or existing PC
  • You want to learn about Building or setting up a PC rather than buying ready made
  • You want to understand how PC hardware and software work together to make a useful computer


We will show you how to build a PC from scratch – if you really want to – and how to use part-built systems (called “Barebones” systems in the trade) to save time and money putting together hardware if you don’t want to do the building part (yet) and would rather concentrate on installing Windows and other software.


On this site we cover:

How to decide what you need - and the best way to build a PC according to your experience and requirements. The system build process – from start to finish, including information about:

  • Hardware – What components make up modern PCs and how to upgrade or repair them
  • Operating Systems – How to install Windows and alternative operating systems
  • Drivers – What they do and how to install them
  • Utility Software – Free and simple to use utilities to make your like easier
  • Applications – Our choice of applications for home and business users