Build using part-built or "Barebones" Systems

“Barebones” systems are generally supplied part built – or fully built, but without an operating system installed.


Part-built barebones systems typically include the case, power supply and motherboard as a minimum – but may also include Processor (CPU), Memory, Hard disk and Optical drives. Peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and monitor are generally not included and are specified and purchased as required.


Usually, the parts required to complete a system (if any) are listed – or only the included parts are listed, leaving it up to the system builder to source the additional parts required – such as a hard disk, to suit the requirements of the end user.


As Barebones systems are built in huge quantities, the price is often lower than the parts can be bought for in small quantities.  A complete or nearly complete system at a cost saving compared to buying the parts and having to build yourself is a very attractive option and one used by many small computer companies for client needing standard specification systems.


Remember, barebones systems can usually have their Processor, memory, hard disks and graphics upgraded at build time or later on if required.  This allows great flexibility in the final system specification – even with a (partly) ready built system.