Buy a complete ready made system

Buying a complete, ready-made system with Windows already installed and working is the best option in situations such as:


  • You need a laptop - laptop barebones options exist - but are quite limited.
  • You are interested in getting a working system to use – not how it works
  • You need something with a manufacturer warranty
  • You have little or no interest in setting up your own PC
  • You need to source one or more systems quickly
  • You have some specialised requirements and can “Buy-in” more easily


Depending on the level of support you need setting up the system and getting it working, you may consider buying mail order, from a large retailer – or from a company offering installation and set-up on-site to get you working, set-up peripherals such as printers and configure your software such as email to suit your needs. 


You should also consider any data you need transferring from any other existing PC and what additional applications you might need on your new system.  Remember the general rule is that data such as documents can be copied between systems – but the application software must be installed and newer versions may be required for a new PC.