Utility Software Installation

Utility software is application software mostly used for specific tasks - which may be used regularly - or only occasionally.  Typical utility software installed on most PCs would be:

  • Adobe Flash and Shockwave players - required for many web sites
  • Adobe Reader - used to view PDF files
  • CutePDF - A free PDF creator program
  • CDBurnerXP - CD/ DVD Writing software
  • Dropbox and Google Drive - cloud based storage for PCs and mobile devices
  • Java - required for many web sites
  • 7-Zip - A free Zip file utility
  • VLC - a media player for most audio and video formats
  • VNC - software to allow remote access for support or remote control of PCs

The above utilities are mostly dedicated to a single function and are free to use.

Our step by step guides show how to install and configure each of these programs for ease of use and avoiding installing any unnecessary bundled software not required for proper operation.