7-Zip Download and Installation

What is "7-Zip"?

7-Zip is a free alternative to the well known file archive utility "WinZip".  Not only is 7-Zip free for personal and commercial use, but it also handles "rar" and "iso" image formats.  We also find the 7-Zip interface is somewhat simpler and easier to use.

Downloading and Installing 7-Zip

To download 7-Zip, go to www.7-zip.org A home page similar to the following will be displayed:

7-Zip Download Page

There are two download links provided for the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the installer.  Use the version to match your windows installation, i.e. if you are using 64-bit Windows 7 or 8 then download the 64-bit installer.

Unlike the Adobe and Java software previously installed, is it best to download and save most installation files in subfolder of an "install" folder so they can be used at a later date - and the installer for the currently installed version of the software is easily located.

More advanced users will find it useful to have a master "install" folder on their own PC which is periodically updated with the latest versions of frequently used software.  This can then be accessed via a network connection or copied to a USB memory stick - or external hard drive where it can be copied onto new systems when they are being configured.

Here you can see we have an "install" folder created on drive "T:", as described here: Disk Partitioning where we have created sub-folders where we save the installation files used to configure and set-up the system.  Here we have downloaded both the 32-bit and 64-bit installers:

7-Zip Save downloaded installation files in local folder

To ensure the installer has sufficient access rights, it should be run "As Administrator".  To do this, <Right-Click> on the appropriate installer for your system and the <Click> "Run as Administrator":

Run installer as Administrator

The "user Account Control" window with then be displayed. <Click> "Yes" to proceeed:

Click Yes to User account control check

The 7-Zip Setup program then starts.  The default installation folder is display, as shown below.  The default folder is usually OK, <Click> "Install" to confirm and begin the installation:

&-Zip Confirm correct installation folder location

After a short time, the wizare will complete as shown below.  <Click> "Finish" to close the wizard:

Completing the 7-Zip Setup Wizard

Configuring 7-Zip

<Click> the "Start" button to display the Start menu.  The 7-Zip entry will be shown as below:

7-Zip icon on Start Menu

<Right-Click> the 7-Zip menu entry and them <Click> "Run as administrator" to allow some settings to be configured with administrator privilages:

Run 7-Zip as Administrator to configure

The "User Account Control" confirmation is displayed, <Click> "Yes" to proceed:

User account control confirmation

7-Zip then opens, <Click> "Tools", then "Options":

Configure 7-Zip -> Tools -> Options Menu

The 7-Zip Options dialogue opens as shown below:

7-Zip Configuration Options dialogue window

<Click> "Select all" to enable all the file associations shown to be enabled for 7-Zip.  Click "OK" and close 7-Zip.

Note: It is not normally necessary to run 7-Zip "As Administrator" - only for configuring certain options that require administrator privilages.  This is common to many programs and worth trying is some options do not seem to stay configured when a program is closed and re-opened.