Adobe Flash Player Installation Guide

The Adobe Flash Player is a web browser add-in to allow additional content to be displayed on many web sites.

Generally, the content is video or animation and often, a message is displayed if a suitable flash player is not installed.

It is preferable to install the latest version of the Adobe flash player when setting up a system as it will be required by most users.

The latest version also allows for automated updates, resulting in easier updates to the flash player for the end user.


To download and install the Adobe Flash player, go to A recent version of the Adobe home page is shown below:

Adobe home page - flash shockwave and reader downloads

Click on the "Download" button or link at the top of the page to see the available downloads:

On the downloads page shown below, click the "Get Adobe Flash Player" option under "Readers and Players":

Adobe free software download for acrobat, flash and shockwave


The Adobe flash player download page is then displayed as shown below:

NOTE: UNTICK the option to install the Google Chrome web browser and set as default browser at this stage.


Untick the option to install "Chrome" and then <Click> the "Download Now" button.


A screen showing the pop-up security warning is then displayed.  The security warning seen may be different to that shown - but in general as this is a known and trusted site, <Click> "Run" to start the installer.

Adobe flash user account control


The "User Account Control" security screen should then be displayed as shown below <Click> "Yes" to proceed:

Adobe flash user account control confirmation


Use the default selected option to allow automatic updates to the Flash player software.

Adobe flash player update preferences

<Click> "Next" to continue:


A Progress bar is displayed as the installer downloads and then installs and configures the Flash player:

Adobe flash played downloading and installing

 The download and installation process will take between 1 and 5 minutes on most systems.


When completed, the installaer will confirm "Installation Complete" as shown below.

Adobe flash player installation successful

<Click> "FINISH" to close the installer...


A web page using the flash player is then displayed to confirm correct installation and operation.

Adobe flash installation successful confirmation screen

The links shown on the right-hand side may then be used to download "Adobe Reader" or "Adobe Shockwave Player" if required, otherwise you may close Internet explorer.