Why customise the Windows Installation Process?

When installing Windows, the default installation settings generally offer a quick and easy way to get the operating system installed - but usually not the best option for performance or ease of use.

Most "Big name" manufacturers supply systems with the same default settings either through lazyness or because they are aware that these default will often cause the system to slow down over time and lead the owner to believe they need a newer, faster system.

By configuring systems for better performance and greater ease of use, not only are systems (and their users) more productive - but the systems also run generally faster and more efficiently - and also need less maintenance.

The main areas that needs to be addressed are:

  • Temporary Files
  • Unnecessary Software or "Bloatware" and poorly written software that slows the system
  • Default configuration settings that reduce performance

By addressing each of these areas, system can boot quicker and be significantly more responsive in general use.  In addition, the natural tendancy for Windows installations to slow down over time and become sluggish, unresponsive and take longer to start can be largely eliminated.